Ukrainian Athletic Federation addressed the World Athletics community

Ukrainian Athletic Federation addressed the World Athletics community
Presidents of National Athletic Federations
On situation in Ukraine
Dear colleagues and friends,
We have always shared the belief that sport has nothing to do with politics, thus at Ukrainian Athletic Federation we have stayed out of promoting any political preferences or being engaged with any political forces in Ukraine.
But now, when there is real threat to the territorial integrity of our country, when citizens lives are in mortal danger, we cannot remain silent.
On March 1 the armed forces of Russian Federation have crossed the border of Ukraine under the false pretext of protecting Russian-speaking population, in fact declaring war on Ukraine. Even before that, Russian Federation started informational war against Ukraine, spreading false information about current events in Ukraine. Currently armed Russian soldiers are moving across the territory of peaceful Ukraine, blocking activities of state and local government, transportation and communication as well as activities of life support enterprises, interfering with the journalists work.
In this situation, the smallest spark can cause a fire of international scale. One should bear in mind that in Ukraine there are 5 nuclear power plants with more than 20 units, including Chernobyl, the main gas pipeline, supplying gas to the whole Europe, huge stockpiles of weapons, chemical, mining and processing of uranium enterprises, huge cascades of water reservoirs and a lot more that can carry a lethal threat to millions of people. One should remember Chernobyl catastrophe to understand the possible consequences of the armed conflict.
Ukrainian Athletic Federation, as a part of Ukrainian society, confirms our great desire to preserve the territorial integrity of Ukraine, and cooperates with thenew Governmentof Ukraine.
In a couple of days we will be visiting the World Athletic Championship in, Poland, a country which has common border with Ukraine.
We appeal to you with a request to use your influence on the government of your country and NGOs to prevent the escalation of the conflict and maintain peace in Ukraine and worldwide.
President                                                   Ihor Hotsul